Balanced whole-house mechanical ventilation with heat recovery for private homes. Now with app control and enthalpy exchanger options.

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The HCV 300-400-500-700 residential ventilation units are packaged basic ventilation units complete with counter-flow exchanger and built-in control panel and demand-controlled operation.

Duct connections can be electronically swapped from left hand side setup to right hand side setup. Thus, the same unit can cover all installation demands, just at the touch of a button.

The HCV 300-400-500-700 has a built-in, automatically regulated by-pass module. On a hot day it leads the hot exhaust air past the heat exchanger to achieve the best possible cooling effect.

A wide range of accessories, internally as well as externally fitted, is available in order to cover any specific need for ventilation. You will find a more detailed description below under “Accessories”.

Dantherm App for smartphone or tablet

With the Dantherm Residential App for iOS and Android, you can control the residential ventilation unit with your smartphone or tablet. Download the free Dantherm Residential app here.

Unique features of the HCV 400 with counter-flow enthalpy exchanger:

HCV 400 also comes in a version with a high-performing counter-flow enthalpy exchanger. This has some remarkable advantages compared to a standard counter-flow exchanger:

  • In an enthalpy exchanger both sensible energy (heat) and latent energy (humidity) are recovered from the extract air and transferred to the fresh supply air.
  • Transferring the humidity from the extract air to the fresh supply air prevents a dry indoor climate in winter.
  • In summer, when the relative humidity of the outdoor air is high, the supply air will be dehumidified when passing through the enthalpy exchanger. This will make the supply air feel comfortably cold.
  • The enthalpy exchanger has a polymere membrane which transfers heat and humidity. The membrane is air and water tight and therefore smells, spores and bacteria are not transferred from the extract air to the supply air.
  • The enthalpy exchanger can operate at temperatures down to -5° and no pre-heating is required. Therefore, balanced ventilation is achieved without the use of pre-heating almost all year round.

Overall, an enthalpy exchanger will reduce the heating bill and give better indoor climate.


  • Private houses
  • Villas
  • Flats

Features and Advantages

  • HCV 300-500-700 come with a counter-flow alu heat exchanger with temperature efficiencies up to 86%
  • HCV 400(P1) comes with a counter-flow plastic heat exchanger with temperature efficiency up to 96%
  • HCV 400(E1) comes with a counter-flow enthalpy exchanger with up to 95% heat recovery and 77% humidity recovery
  • HCV 400 fits into a standard 60×60 cm cupboard module
  • Built-in by-pass module
  • Available with built-in electric heating coil
  • Demand-controlled ventilation with integrated humidity sensor
  • EC fan motors with extremely low energy consumption (low SPI)
  • Pre-programmed week programs
  • Wired LAN interface supplies data communication for smartphone app’s as well as ModBus over TCP/IP. This is useful for connecting this unit range to external building management systems such as KNX
  • USB connection from which all settings and adjustments can be done safely with the corresponding Windows application, PC Tool.
  • Summer mode in which supply fan is stopped and any open window will supply cooler outside air, lowering the room temperature
  • Fireplace mode, creating a temporary inside overpressure to enhance chimney functionality
  • Various control options, including Dantherm Residential Ventilation App

Wired Control HCP 10 Wired control HCP 10:

The optional prewired control unit is connected to the ventilation unit with a 6 m cable.

The wired control HCP 10 gives the user the following possibilities:

  • Manual control of air change (step 0-4)
  • Control of air change with week program
  • Demand controlled air change (when RH and VOC sensors are connected)
  • Enable summer mode (only extract air)
  • Enable manual bypass
  • Enable fireplace mode
  • Reading and resetting of alarms, including filter alarm
  Wireless remote control HRC 3:

The wireless remote control HRC 3 gives access to:

  • Manual operation
  • Demand-controlled operation
  • Choice between 12 different week programs
  • Away operation when you are absent for a longer period
  • Night operation
  • Reading of outdoor temperature, supply and extract temperature, room temperature, relative humidity and CO2 level
  • Installer menu for adjustment and fault-finding
Circular electric duct heater for reheating of supply air:

The circular electric duct heater prevents ice building up in the heat exchanger at low temperatures. The electric heater is mounted in the supply air duct. The control current is connected to the accessory control HAC 2.

 electric heating coil Built-in electric heating coil:

The electric heating coil protects the heat exchanger against icing up at low temperatures and ensures balanced ventilation down to approx. -15°C. The electric heating coil is mounted inside the cabinet and is connected directly on the unit. It is controlled by the embedded controller. No accessory control is needed.

Water heating coils:

The water heating coil kit includes 2RR, 2-way water valve, 0-10V servo motor, 230/24VAC trafo, duct sensor and tube sensor for frost protection. It is controlled by the accessory control HAC 2.

 CO2_censor_EE80 CO2 sensor:

The CO2 sensor is connected to the accessory control if the air change has to be controlled in accordance with the CO2 level in a given room.

Hygrostat Hygrostat, Sauter HSC 120 F001

The hygrostat is connected to the accessory control in case that a higher air change rate is required in rooms with high humidity.

VOC sensor VOC air quality demand sensor

The HCV 300-500-700 units can be fitted with a VOC air quality sensor. This sensor will continuously monitor the level of artificial as well as natural organic fumes in the air. Examples of included fumes:

  • Natural fumes, e.g. formaldehyde from building materials
  • Chemical fumes from sprays, e.g. hair spray or perfumes
  • Indoor pollution e.g. from smoking and printing with laser printer
  • Fumes from fire retardant substances in carpets, paint and furniture

Using the VOC sensor in demand mode will result in the correct level of ventilation with lowest possible electrical power consumption. If a wireless remote control is connected, the actual VOC level will be shown in the display using a 3 level icon.

HAC Accessory control HAC 2 with 3 m cable:

One or more of the following functions can be connected to the accessory control:

  • After heating coils for water or electricity
  • Geothermal preheating/precooling coils
  • 24 VDC duct damper outlet
  • Stop function inlet
  • Fire/smoke detector inlet
  • External CO2 sensor for demand control
  • External hygrostat
  • Filter alarm outlet
  • General alarm
Strømforsyning Power supply 230VAC – 24VDC, for duct control:

Power supply to be mounted in the accessory control if the ventilation unit controls a duct damper.

USB Cable USB cable, 3 m:

USB cable to be used in connection with software update of HCV 300-500-800 and Dantherm PC Tool (HPT 1).

 PC Tool Dantherm PC Tool Kit (HPT 1):

The PC Tool Kit contains a USB plug with program and quick guide + USB cable.

The Dantherm PC Tool has an installer menu, where the installer can adjust the HCV 300-500-700 unit, connect extra accessories, adjust various user settings, read and reset alarms, if any.

It also has a user menu, where the user can read and adjust various settings, such as week programs, set points, alarms and historical data about temperatures and air quality (accessory).

             Dantherm residential app

Dantherm Residential App

Dantherm has developed a Residential App offering a smart way to control the residential ventilation unit.

Dantherm Silencer box

Silencer Box for HCV 400

The HCV 400 Silencer Box reduces fan and airflow noise before it is carried into the duct system. The Silencer Box is mounted on the top of the HCV 400 unit.