Stationary Heater WA33C

Stationary Heater WA33C

The combustion chamber heats and gives off heat to the surroundings when oil vapors are burning. The vapors are formed when fuel goes to the hot furnace. It warms up with a cup of oil inflamed by hand. Oil is supplied to the chamber by means of a gear pump. Heat transfer is supported by fan positioned above the combustion chamber. The furnace is working properly when correct chimney installation is guaranteed. Regulator allows to adjust correctly the heater. Safe operation of the furnace is provided with a set of thermostats. The thermostat starts the fan when it reached the right temperature. At this point, the pump turns on. Overheat thermostat turns off the pump when the

air temperature is too high. If in the combustion chamber is too much oil it will flow into the overflow system and it turns off the pump. Power of the furnace can be continuously adjusted.

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