Smaltimento del caloreThe outdoor cabinets are compact with small dimensions ideal to house electronic equipment for telecommunication and similar applications. The cabinets are designed to be placed outdoor such as raw-land and roof-top sites.Their characteristics allow to simplify the installation activities. The light weight, the small size, the solid frame, the extreme resistance to environmental conditions and the strength of the structure allow the movement of the cabinet completely assembled and equipped.The product consists of: a mechanical structure, an energy system and a system for the heat dissipation due to the dissipation of the internal equipment.The heat dissipation is obtained through an air extraction system.The process is made through fans that can be placed in the ceiling or back wall. The fans extract hot air from inside while fresh air is introduced through grids and filters which not permit the entry of impurities.As above, the adjusting of the temperature is made through an electromechanical thermostat acting on the fans, with the possibility to vary the working point manually. The value of the internal temperature depends on the value of the external one.This solution allows to get a high protection degree suitable for weather conditions.