Central battery system FZLV is a high-tech device created to power and monitor emergency lighting in buildings of small and medium size and in closed fire zones. The system can work with up to 80 LED luminaires supplied by SELV 24V (Safety Extra-Low Voltage) and was designed in SMART technology.

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The application of the SELV voltage ensures high level of safety of servicing of the system and its elements compliant with the currently valid regulations. Small dimensions of the central unit enable the installation of the system in places where one cannot fit a large-size central battery system. The FZLV central unit is equipped with a big touch panel enabling both the current reading of the status of the system, circuits and fittings and the introduction of all settings and parameters of the system with the use of the user interface. Statuses are displayed in both graphic and text form. Using the central unit one can assign a name to the fitting that will clearly help to identify the fittings installed in the system. Using the central unit one can program and  freely configure the emergency fittings in constant, non-constant, switching and switching-dimming modes as well as night work mode. The system has its own IP address and RJ45 slot which is used for direct connection to Ethernet. With an built-in WEB module you can directly access the system from any computer and print the event log by using any web browser. Additionally, the system has an input and an SD card that allows to record and upload system settings (back-up) and the record reports of the Event Log in accordance with EN 50172.


The most important parameters:

  • Power supply and monitoring up to 80 individual LED fittings in SMART FZLV technology
  • Safe supply SELV 24V
  • SMART technology – any mode of a fitting
  • Easy to read, big LCD touch screen
  • Easy and intuitive menu with simple icons
  • Automated testing
  • Automatic detection and adding of the fittings to the system
  • Built-in WEB module
  • Programming and configuration of the fittings directly from the system
  • Communication with luminaires through the power supply cable
  • SD slot and SD card for recording, transmission and printing emergency lighting reports from any PC, in accordance with EN 50172
  • Possibility to store the system settings (back – up) on SD card
  • Contained security light mode (night operation)
  • Possibility to control fittings and some functions of the system via terminals 24V and 230V
  • Testing of each fiffing separately as well as group of fittings
  • Internal rechargeable battery with a designed life of 10 years
  • RJ45 slot for direct connection to Ethernet
  • Individual IP address
  • Preview of the system via any web browser
  • Works with any BMS (Building Management System) by using the module of potential-free contacts or a CAN-bus
  • Unlimited grouping of systems and joint supervision by Smart Touch Controller
  • Management and visualization of the system using a dedicated SMART VISIO


This panel enables remote checking of some basic operating statuses of the system, such as: stand-by, battery operation or fault. Continuous operation can be locked using a built-in key.

This prevents the system from unauthorized tampering.



The quick-acting phase loss sensor is used to monitor the voltage in primary lighting switchboards to ensure that specific circuits or the whole system are energized for emergency operation.

The voltage changeover threshold is as per PN-EN 60598-2-22.