The dynamic presence of the Vibro anti-vibration systems continues in 2020 through the network of representatives at the Climatherm 2020 International Exhibition held at the Metropolitan Expo from 21-23 February. The Climatherm exhibition is the largest and most specialized International Exhibition in the energy industry.
The anti-vibration products Vibro are available through a network of affiliates throughout Greece.
Anti-vibration products offer anti-vibration protection solutions in a wide range of applications and were featured at the Climatherm exhibition.
Some indicative categories of anti-vibration products presented in the recent Climatherm exhibition are the following:

• Anti-vibration chiller mounting by anti-vibration springs (open and closed type) .
• VRV Anti-vibration bases, Vibro-EM.2.
• Cooling / Heating air conditioners but also of pumps. Special Mounts
• Anti-vibration springs for indoor AHUs and elastic bearings for their mounts. Vibro-EP
• Anti-vibration rubber mounts for small split units. Vibro-mini

Anti-vibration products are used in applications where there are moving parts, most machinery equipment has moving parts that cause a lot of vibrations.
If the output of the transmitted noise is not controlled at its source by means of appropriate shock absorbers then this vibration can be transmitted through the structural components throughout the building.
In modern buildings where lighter construction is increasingly preferred, there is an urgent need to control vibrations at their source. Vibro anti-vibration products offers a complete range of vibration-reducing products.

Vibro anti-vibration systems are designed and manufactured in Greece, delivering reliable results, low cost and short delivery times.
Our companies technical department is at your disposal to help you choose the best techno-economic solution for your application.