Domestic water supply systems

Domestic water supply systems

If you want to be independent of the public water supply to save money, a domestic water supply system is the best solution for harnessing service water from an alternative source. It allows you to pump water from an existing reservoir and to use it for flushing the toilet, running the washing machine or watering your garden. A domestic water supply system from Trotec offers you multiple benefits!

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When is it reasonable to use a domestic water supply system?

Domestic water supply systems are ideally suited for brief withdrawals of small water volumes intended for use in your home or garden, e.g. for flushing the toilet or the operation of a washing machine or lawn sprinkler. If the domestic water supply system is intended to be used as self-priming pump, it should ideally be positioned directly beside the source. Through a suction hose the water can be pumped up e.g. from a well of rainwater.


One domestic water supply system, many advantages:

  • Need-based, energy-saving operation
  • Environmentally friendly and resource-sparing
  • Independent water supply
  • Inexpensive water supply for toilet, washing machine and garden
  • Long-term savings as compared to public utilities
  • Long lifetime
  • Easy on washing machines

Submerged clear water pumps

Domestic water supply systems

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