for Telecom rooms, shelters and enclosures.


The Dantherm DFC 350 and 450 are slim passive cooling units utilising the displacement free air cooling technology. The units are designed to remove excess heat from small rooms with electronic equipment, where the air is stagnant.

What is Displacement Free Cooling?

The Dantherm DFC units supply cool outside air to the bottom of the room. This forces the warmer air in the room to move up. This is known as displacement cooling, because the hot air inside the room has been displaced by a cushion of cool air.

When is the Dantherm DFC a good choice?

Displacement Free Cooling by Dantherm is most efficient under the following conditions:

  • In rooms up to 12m2
  • When the internal air is stagnant

Specific strengths of the DFC-solution

The units are less cost-intensive and more silent than traditional Free Cooling solutions, because they operate with lower air flows and fan speed. Furthermore, the DFCs are small in size, taking up a minimum of space in the room.

The 6th generation features the Dantherm CC3000 controller with includes dual-zone cooling, night mode and browser-based remote control.


  • Radio base stations
  • Telecom shelters
  • Electronics enclosures
  • Power supply rooms
  • Network & computer rooms
  • Automation control cabinets
  • DC Powered Sites

Features and Benefits

Dantherm Displacement Free Cooling 350 and 450

  • Stay in control: total heat management with control of several external units
  • Ensure energy-efficient cooling strategy: automatic change between cooling modes
  • Protect your equipment: F5 displacement bag filter keeps your rooms clean
  • Avoid unscheduled service visits: plan service with built-in filter monitor
  • Wide geographical usage: ambient temperature operating range from -40 to 55°C
  • Silent and energy-efficient: very low air flow and fan speed


 Dantherm AirMaze Panel

Recirculation Damper



Dantherm-Airmaze-Panel Dantherm recirculation damper
Indoor-mounted Free Cooling units bullet  
Protection against wind-driven water, sand, snow and leaves bullet  
Mixing the air to protect the equipment for installations in very cold climates.
(DFC 450 only)
Data Sheet Dantherm DFC 350-450

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