Vibro-MSH is a heavy-duty anti-vibration mount with multiple springs for very heavy equipment. It is specially designed to absorb low-frequency vibrations (i.e. reciprocating machines)
Additionally, the Vibro-MSH comes with a rubber profile that is attached at its base and acts as a sound break to increases the isolation efficiency in high frequencies, which could be transmitted through the springs. The springs are fixed with an innovative fastening system to the metal base.


The Vibro-MSH | Heavy-duty Multi Spring Anti-vibration Mount is used for very heavy machinery mounting which require low frequency vibration absorption.



  1. Locate each isolator Vibro-MSH | Heavy-duty Multi Spring Anti-vibration Mount into position.
  2. Place the isolators in their proper location and attach the bottom plate to the building support steel or concrete.
  3.  Pass the upper screw M12 through tje appropriate hole of the equipement base. Tighten top nut to the equipement foot bracket in order to fix it using the M12 bolts.
  4. Rotate the Vibro-MS as much as necessary to ensure the isolator mountings are accessible after mounting to the equipment. Alternatively, first fix the anti-vibration mount on the base using the appropriate M10 bolts, if the mounting holes are not accessible after mounting to the equipement.



Static deflection 25 mm under maximum load
Natural frequency up to 3 Hz under maximum load