The anti-vibration spring mounts Vibro-SMR are multi-directional anti-vibration restraints with adjustable height. Vibro-SMR can be used for low-frequency vibration controls (low-speed rotation 400 rpm upwards) that also require lateral and vertical restraint and protection from earthquakes and excess wind pressure. They can sustain forces of the tension, compression, shear nature.

Typical applications are air compressors, two-cycle engines, chillers, water cooling towers, air handling units etc. The casing is not made of cast iron, but of real steel and is protected from oxidation with polyester powder paint (hot dip galvanized on request). Its innovative design has succeeded to minimize arc wildings’.

The anti-vibration springs comply with ISO.EN.10270 standards and have a color indicator to define the maximum load capacity. An adjustable height system is placed, in order to align the machine during the installation.

At their base they have a special rubber profile, resistant to outdoor conditions, thus offering better vibration isolation efficiency also at high frequencies. (optional)

Anti-vibration mounts Vibro-SMR advanced design can successfully sustain forces from various directions both vertical and lateral (like earthquakes, hurricanes, and wind-pressure protection).

An elastic gasket is interceded between the two vertical surfaces, to avoid a possible sound-bridge transmission.