Vibro-Profi is a cost effective anti-vibration mat, made from recycled PU bound rubber tire granules, in egg crate profile. Its dimple shaping offers high vibration isolation in a wide range of load. This product can be supplied in strips of 100 mm width, 1.5 m length and can be easily individually cut in pads of 125 x 100 mm due to its adequate incisures. The material is environmentally friendly since its produced by 100% recycled rubber and can be fully recyclable.

It offers long term performance without collapse and is resistant to deformation. Its excellent damping properties and long lifespan make this product a very good  selection.

Vibro-Profi can be used under vibrating machines or metal structures, or under inertial mass for smoothing out structural forces. Typical examples are plant rooms, generators, boilers, guilotines, AHUs, refrigeration equipment, floating floors for room in room constructions, etc. Isolation strips can be installed around the perimeter in concrete floating floors to avoid sound flanking transmitions.profi 5

In addition, it can be used in strips under metal profiles (U-runner) of gypsum board floating partitions. It has various ways of installation according to the amount of vibration reduction required, selecting between one layer, two or three layers (one layer on the top of the other, back to back).

Vibro-Profi is supplied in pre-cut strip that has incisures every 12.5 cm for easy cut to individual pads.