Vibro-SH.F Vibration Isolatior of Low and High Frequencies is a combination of a high-quality polyurethane cell foam (Regufoam®) and a metal spring, specially designed to isolate a very wide range of vibration frequencies, within the human hearing spectrum.

Vibro-SH.F consists of:

  • Steel frame with a painted finish or galvanized protection.
  • Steel spring in according to DIN standard with a galvanized finish.
  • Steel cup to prevent spring movement.
  • Rubber element (polyurethane foam with semi-closed cells).
  • Rod with safety nut (upon request).
  • The ability of angular misalignment up to 30 degrees without contacting the metal frame.
  • Pre-loading kit (upon request).


  • Sound insulation Ceiling Hanger (false ceiling with plasterboard)
  • Antivibration hanger for machines
  • Vibration isolation of pipes, air ducts, loudspeakers etc.


Natural frequency 3 Hz at maximum load.
Static deflection about 25mm at maximum load.


1. Locate each isolator Vibro-SH.F vibration isolatior into position according to submital drawing using color coded springs or labeling as identification.
2. Fix securely the spring hanger Vibro-SH.F to the upper ceiling, to achieve the correct spacing between isolators.
3. Adjust the rod to fix the appropriate level in order to equaly distribite the load among sring isolators.
4. Check to ensure adequate alignment to the false ceiling metal frame.