The flexibility of Daikin VRV total climate control

A high-performance modular system that can change with each new occupancy of the building.

The new Radisson Blue hotel in Bruges is located near Bruges station, an area which has seen extensive redevelopment over the past few years.

Built by Belgian property developer Group GL, the impressive new tower complex houses not only the new hotel but also a 6,000 square metre area of office space, currently occupied by GL tenant Proximus.

For the GL Group, finding a system that could provide optimal climate comfort and energy efficiency, while accommodating different functions within the building, posed a complex challenge.

Additionally, the Group sought a solution that could respond to potential changes in the building purpose or tenants over time.

The flexibility of Daikin’s VRV climate control system and GL’s previous experience of Daikin were key determinants in the Group’s choice, according to John Lenaers of Group GL.

“Daikin is strong in the sector, with an excellent price/quality/service ratio…This is one of Daikin’s strong points which, together with its acknowledged state-of-the-art technology, was a deciding factor for us.”

Lenaers notes the benefits of a modular system both in design terms and in shortening installation time:

“Fast installation and aesthetics are tackled at the same time. Thanks to the simple design, the modules were integrated into the different spaces and are virtually undetectable. When in use, they provide a high degree of efficiency and comfort. The energy costs that we can save with this system are certainly a plus for the building’s management budget.”

With the two businesses presenting different comfort and operational needs, flexibility is a must, as Lenaers observes:

“The modular aspect is an added value. It means that we can divide and integrate the building into control zones, both for the Radisson hotel and for the Proximus offices. If the layout and/or function of the building changes in the future, Daikin will be able to meet this need seamlessly.”

A further advantage of the modular structure is that, in the event of malfunctioning or system shutdowns, partial control of the building is still possible.

What has been the experience of Radisson hotel management of the Daikin VRV system in daily operation?

“The team in charge has found the system to be particularly user-friendly and so easy to use. The modular system allows us to control multiple zones and thus accurately manage the climate of different floors and areas.”

Feedback from hotel guests on their climate experience in the hotel rooms has been positive, with the system’s silent operation and individual room control features particularly appreciated.

From the tenant’s point of view, the Daikin VRV system has found widespread favour, with 80% of staff expressing satisfaction with the climate in the offices according to Denis Schelstraete, Proximus Facility Manager. He also stresses the advantage of the low noise system:

“The complete soundproofing of the system is also important in office buildings where people often have to focus hard during their work or at meetings.”