Leak detection

Leak detection

Professional leak detection with ultrasonic meters, hydrogen leak detectors and other methods such as pulse current, flue gas, UV-A radiation and more!

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Advanced 2-in-1 measuring device for leakage location by means of correlation or acoustic leak detection

The correlator LD20 HC combines high-quality engineering “made in Germany” with the latest leak detection technology in pipelines or drinking water systems and hence can be recommended as the ideal standard equipment for water suppliers and measurement engineering service providers.

At leakage points water escapes under pressure and in doing so creates a discharge sound that is transported through the pipelines in both directions where it is ultimately detected by highly sensitive sensors, which can be mounted at readily accessible locations such as hydrants or valves.

Seeing as the type of water pipe always influences the sound propagation, the material and diameter of all pipes can be specified in the LD20HC so as to examine up to 20 pipe sections in only one measuring process. The signal received is amplified and transmitted to the correlator via radio. The correlator permits 256 freely selectable filters to be applied to the signal.

Combination measuring devices for leak detection

LD6000 combination detector

Pulse Wave Generator LD-PULS

Acoustic Tube Probe LD6000 PTS

Sound locators

Sound locator LD6


Correlator LD20HC

Hydrogen leak detectors

Hydrogen Leak Detector XRS 9012

Hand-held Measuring Head XRS H 21

Soil Sensor XRS 8212

Soil Probe XRS 8612

Ultrasound measuring instruments

Ultrasound measuring instrument SL800

Ultrasound measuring instrument SL3000

Hand-held UV-A lamps

UV‑Torchlight 15F

UV‑Torchlight 5F

Tracer dyes

Uranin Green

Uranin Blue

Luminat Blue

Luminat Green

Luminat Purple

Luminat Red



Fog and flue gas systems

Fog and Flue Gas Simulator FS200

Trotec flue gas chamber

Pulse current measuring systems

Impulse Current Measuring System PD200