Accident screen fence

Accident screen fence

VarioScreen screen by Trotec – we have something against gazers on the job site. The VarioScreen screen is quick and easy to set up by just one person. Be it the fire brigade, the police, the rescue services or the technical relief organization – every single second counts for a job. Unfortunately, it is becoming more and more common for local task forces to be stopped or disturbed by obtrusive…

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No chance for rubberneckers!

Mobile visual protection for rescue teams and emergency personnel

Whether you’re working with the fire brigade, police, rescue services or the Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW) – when you’re on an emergency deployment, often every second counts. Unfortunately it is more and more often the case that emergency personnel on site are kept from doing their work or obstructed in carrying out their duties by shameless rubberneckers. Curious onlookers cause considerable damage by obstructing rescue operations and their progress. Using the expressly set up VarioScreen from Trotec, you can protect the victims against unnecessary exposure and simultaneously ensure that your team is shielded and can completely focus on their work.

For the use on motorways, in open terrain or within buildings,

one person suffices to set up the mobile protection against rubberneckers within seconds and in only a few steps. By means of extra-strong zipper connections, the screen fence with its height of 1.8 m can be extended from 7 m to any length. And just as quickly as the screen fence has been set up it is dismounted again and stowed away in the transport bag without taking up much space.

Privacy screen, pubic screen and room dividers in military hospitals

VarioScreen screening walls ensure the protection of the patient’s privacy when accommodating and caring for patients in makeshift hospitals.

In times of epidemic crisis many hospitals work at the limits of their capacity, so that, for example, sports halls, underground car parks, event locations, barracks as well as disused production, storage and exhibition halls are converted into makeshift hospitals. Although the closely packed field beds allow patients to be treated, the open construction of these hospitals does not leave any free space for the necessary degree of patient privacy. Especially when treating elderly patients and those in need of care, who generally belong to a risk group, additional measures are required to preserve their privacy and intimate sphere. On the one hand because of different dispositions with regards to nudity, but also because of a partly increased need for care, for example for personal hygiene or intimate toilets.

VarioScreen screening walls offer a wide range of possible applications:

  • Mobile visual protection system for indoor and outdoor use
  • Opaque privacy screen to protect the private and intimate sphere of patients
  • Flexible and quick subdivision of the bed camps into individual areas
  • Room divider for the separation of different supply and waiting areas
  • Room dividers for various treatment and examination spaces in makeshift outpatient clinics
  • Mobile pubic wall for showers, bathrooms and changing rooms
  • Path limiter and guidance system for patient flows

Dimensions and example set-ups:


Whether on the construction site or for emergency services – you can also find all the relevant information about our work tents and privacy screens in the product brochure. Download the PDF directly here.

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Safety Screens

Safety Screen, 4*180*180

Safety Screen, 4*180*180 White

Safety Screen, 4*180*180 white/blue

Safety Screen, 4*180*180 Special Edition

VarioScreen privacy screen 4*180*180 divisible in the middle Yellow

VarioScreen privacy screen 4*180*180 dividable in the middle White

VarioScreen privacy screen 4*180*180 dividable in the middle Blue

VarioScreen privacy screen 4*180*180 centrally separable Red