Prismatic bolted storage tanks are despatched from the factory as demounted panels with proper packing and assembled at site. Due to the pressed structure, sheet thickness of the panels are rather less than that of the welded tanks which helps to produce more economical storage solutions.

Depending on the customer needs and project requirements and the properties of the liquid media; various material and coating options are available. Tanks can be produced from AISI304 and AISI316 stainless steel, hot dip or cold galvanized steel, liquid membrane, polyeurea or epoxy coated steel and glass reinforced polyester (GRP) as well. It’s possible to apply the coating only for the internal surfaces which is in contact with the liquid. Epoxy and membrane coating material can be selected in accordance with WRAS or ANSI NSF-61 certification for drinking water. Capacities are available from 1m3 up to 2000m3.

Tanks can be designed as internal and external supported and with specific requirements such as special bottom sheets to be located on beams, half panels, roof constructions, special piping, connections or accesories etc.. If requested ready polyethylene base under the tank can be provided as well.

By different size of panel modules, in order to achieve the maximum volume in closed and tight spaces, our support to customers start with site visit for the correct dimensioning of the tank and continues with providing the professional product drawings, delivery of the goods and intallation and test by our experinced technical field staff.

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