Updated to fully comply with the EU’s new legislation on eco-friendly refrigerants, Dantherm’s new range of mobile dehumidifiers, CDT MK III, offers quick and easy control for both damage service companies and the building industry. Fully based on the predecessor, the CDT range, these units are renowned for their user-friendliness, superior digital control and light yet robust design.

Damage control in case of flooding, burst water pipes or as a side-effect from firefighting requires fast and efficient dehumidification. That’s why damage service companies all over the world prefer the Dantherm CDT range of mobile dehumidifiers for the job. They are fast and energy efficient. They offer precise digital settings, service information, easy fault-finding and calculated hour and energy consumption as well as readings of temperature and relative humidity. In addition, they’re designed for frequent transportation and handling.

Optional remote monitoring

Wouldn’t it be great not having to go onsite and check manually if a dehumidification process has been completed? With the optional integration to Dantherm’s remote intelligent monitoring control system (IMCS), you can check the humidifying status in realtime from computers, smartphones and tablets no matter where you are. In addition, the solution enables users to remotely monitor and control parameters such as power on/off, alarms, temperature and power consumption.

New ECO-friendly refrigerant

Fully complying with EU’s F-gas regulation, which aims to phase out usage of HFCs, all CDT MK III units use the eco-friendly and durable R454C refrigerant. Ideal for a broad temperature range, it is very suitable for hire and fleet equipment subjected to frequent transportation to and from different sites and offers the flexibility needed by fleet operators. For more, please read our article on the EU F-gas Regulation: Climate control with care

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