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AirSystems  Ltd offers the following services:

Mechanical Systems Drawing

Project Drawings is  a type of technical drawing that shows information about heating, ventilating, air conditioning and transportation around the building. It is a powerful tool that helps analyse complex systems

Telecommunication Systems

Air conditioning units that cannot meet the high reliability, low noise, low investment and easy installation standards.

Free cooling Systems

The free cooling system guarantees uninterrupted air circulation, the main purpose being to remove the hot air flow from the building through the equipment.

Data Centre Cooling Systems (Precision Cooling)

Air conditioning unit that can satisfy Data centre.

Industrial environment

An air conditioner that withstands extreme conditions such as high temperature, dust and vibration.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

HVAC is the technology of indoor and vehicular environmental comfort. Its goal is to provide thermal comfort and acceptable indoor air quality.

hybrid systeme produkte


Renewable energy is becoming increasingly important in today’s energy market. Because of their unique, inexhaustible potential and competitive availability, renewable energy is the most advanced energy source of our times. Even leading energy operators do not come from without the eco-friendly energy source and integrate them in your power systemOur professional adviser will show you the way how to contribute to the environmentallyfriendly energy consumption and profit it at the same time.


R.I.D. GmbH developed, produced and istall autonomous power systems with a capacity of 8 to 20 kVA and a voltage of 48 V to 220 V. All hybrid systems are equipped with remote control systems (GSM / GPRS) or via Ethernet. Other advantages of the RID hybrid system are a economy fuel consumption and a long, care-free operation of the plant. A modular design of the system (Container design) allows the use of communication objects in distant regions.


RID-Generators with powers of 8 to 2000 kVA are equipped with high-quality engines from Deutz, Mitsubishi, Honda, Subaru, Doosan, MTU and Iveco. These generating units have a long life, are very efficient in fuel consumption and achieve very low exhaust emissions. All engines are equipped with oil pressure automatic shutoff. RID generators customary to a high specification of international rules and do not require additional security protection measures.

solarzellen produktePHOTOVOLTAICS

The sun is our largest energy supplier. It generates a radiational energy, which can cover the world’s energy needs repeatedly. This enormous energy potential, which provides us with the sun, was early taken to supply the spacecraft with energy to supply. For several years for us this renewable energy is available. Mostly solar cells is based on monocrystalline or polycrystalline silicium, which are assembled into modules, it can convert solar energy into electric current, it can be used now for grid connection or for personal use.

technik grafik 04SOLAR MODULES

DEin Solar Panel is made composed ​​from individual solar cells (photovoltaic cells). The solar cells produce in the incident light electric voltage. This process is called photovoltaics.

R.I.D. develops high-efficiency solar modules with pyramidal surface profile. By multiple refraction is achieved maximum utilization even by the weak sunlight. Thus, a high efficiency and durability of the solar cells is ensured. Depending on the environment, the life of a RID operations solar module is approximately 25 years.

technik luft 05WIND GENERATORS

Wind generators convert kinetic ergy of the wind into electrical energyEspecially in areas with middle to high wind conditionswind generators are a very effective and lucrative way to generate electricity.
The RID windmills with a capacity of 3.5 or 5 kW are ideal not only as a supplement, but increasingly as a major source for power supply of remote objectsThanks to the very sturdy construction, easy maintenance and excellent price-performance ratio, the RID windmills are a good alternative to other energy sourcesThe large rotor diameter and a digital electronic control unit enable an efficient power supply even in light wind.

technik akku 06BATTERIES

By a lead battery (lead-acid battery), it is an embodiment of the battery, whose electrodes in the charged condition was made composed from lead and lead dioxide and electrolyte of dilute sulfuric acid. The lead-acid batteries have a long life of several years are reliable and affordable. In comparison to other battery technologies they are quite heavy and have a low energy density of only 0.11 MJ / kg. Nickel-cadmium battery (NiCd battery) is a rechargeable batteryOf the basic design is to distinguish between open-and gas-tight cellsGas-tight cells are often identical to standard batteries and can therefore be used as a substitute for these so-called primary cellsopen cells are used for stationary applications.

For use in the hybrid systems and uninterruptible power supply systems (UPS) relevant batteries are available in gel and Li-ion versionsThe individual battery segments are used in rugged (vandalproof) battery cabinet with air conditioningThe gel batteries are distinguished by 6000 charge cyclesThe Li-ion batteries give up to 1,200 charging cyclesthis makes for a very long life.

klimaanlagen produkteAIR-CONDITIONER

RID air-conditioniers are used for saving of the telecommunications and auxiliary equipment necessary temperature spectrum. Power is supplied with DC 48V, with cooling capacity of 400W of the ambient temperature of -20 ° C to +55 ° C and of the ambient temperature of +20 ° C to + 35 ° C.

technik wrichter 08INVERTER  AC/DC

The inverter converts the generated current by solar modules into alternating current — this is the 230-volt power, with which we conduct our electrical equipmentBut the inverter is not only a current transformerAs a multifunctional centerpiece of different photovoltaic systems, he met a whole range of other tasksThis includes monitoring and control of the entire photovoltaic systemachieving maximum performance and collect all operational dataIn grid-connected systems, the inverter leads on demand from fully automatic disconnection from the networkcontrols the power supply and protects the network from overloading.
In off-grid backup systems, the inverter provides a power failure within a few milliseconds for switching from mains to emergency powerThis ensures uninterrupted power supply is ensured.


Both manual and automatic modes for generator and mains control are available. In case there are some malfunctions registered, the controller will immediately start the generator. Should the voltage be different from the programmed limits, the genset contactor is immediately closed on load. If errors arise they will be shown on the display and the engine will be shut down. Once the steady electricity network is back, the controller opens the genset contactor and transfer the load to the network side. The generator is switched off automatically, after the programmable cooling time is over.

Controlled parameters:

  • mains control
  • generator control
  • fuel tank control
  • temperature control
  • maintenance cycle control
  • mains/generator power control
  • solar energy control
  • wind energy control
  • battery supply control
  • ventilation remote control
  • air condition remote control
  • video supervision control