Products and services:

  • Power distribution line towers and poles up to 36 kV

  • Power transmission line towers and poles up to 1200 kV

  • AIS, GIS and Mobile Substation between 11 kV and 750 kV

  • Capacitor bank platforms

  • Solar power plant steel structures

  • Telecommunication towers, poles and high masts

  • Lighting and flood lighting poles and high masts

  • Poles and high masts for transportation infrastructure (railway catenaries and portals, traffic signalization poles and gantries, etc.)

  • Special-purpose poles (CCTV/camera poles, loud speaker poles, smart poles, solar poles, flag poles, ski center poles)

  • Steel fasteners these products can be black, galvanized and/or powder coated depending on customer request.

2m RT Pole

6m RT Pole

7.75m RT Pole

30m RT Pole

40m RT Pole

45m RT Pole

50m RT Pole