The new anti-vibration mount Vibro-3D is one of the few anti-vibration mounts that can support heavy vibrating equipment in every direction (x,y,z) and can sustain forces of the tension, compression, shear nature.
The Vibro-3D anti-vibration mount is designed to sustain impulsive loads in all the three axes, therefore it is capable to receive high vertical or lateral shocks/ compression with minimum danger of destruction.
The main internal elastic material is polyurethane foam with semi-closed cells, which is produced in Germany by BSW with the trademark of Regufoam®. The full range of its mechanical behavior diagrams, that was conducted at the University of Dresden, are available on request.

Vibro-3D Multi-directional Anti-vibration Mount, suitable for:
  • Suspension of exhaust gas pipes.
  • Marine & aviation APPLICATIONS.
  • Support of freon cooling pipelines.
  • Mounting of high RPM engines.
  • Mounting of electronic devices.
  • Suspension & on-wall fastening of loudspeakers.
  • Anti-seismic protection of machines.

Height regulation and Mounting

The anti-vibration mount Vibro-3D is equipped with a rust resistant Height Regulation Device (Vibro-HR).

Vibro-3D Selection Table

The galvanized metallic shell of Vibro-3D protects the internal elastic parts from corrosive environments and therefore ensures longevity even in very hard and corrosive conditions. Additionally Vibro-3D meets high safety standards due to its unique design that even in case of exposure in destructive conditions (Fire) that will destroy the internal elastic parts, its top fixing, that holds the suspended device does not fail (Fail Safe).

Vibro-3D covers a wide range of loads, due to its capability to change the density and stiffness of the internal polyurethane foams, it also has the ability of angular misalignment of up to 150.

It is available with Female ending (type F), male (type Μ), and with special top female fixing for mounting (type SF).

Vibro-3D can be used either for mounting or for suspension of respectively loads.

Note: The maximum load for the radial force shall be 15% of the mounting load.

On your order please specify:

a) The maximum static load

b) The proposed use of Vibro-3D :

  • Β: Mounting
  • Η: Suspension

c) The type of ending :

  • M = Male
  • F = Female
  • SF = Special top Fixing

Typical order : Vibro-3D/brown/Β-SF

The specialized technical department of our company is at your service in order to help you chose the appropriate type of Vibro-3D for every individual project.