The VA-M15MKII Warm Air Heater is a transportable unit, developed primarily to provide heating in tents or temporary, transportable buildings. The unit is designed to be placed outside the tent, with supply and return air ducted to the tent.

The VA-M15MKII heater operates on the in-direct fired (clean air) principle thus insuring that no combustion products or fumes are introduced into the occupied spaces. The forced air system provides for the most rapid warm-up capability.

The VA-M15MKII heater is essentially self-contained, requiring only a source of external electric power and fuel. The unit will operate effectively on almost all diesel fuels. Appropriate fuels are supplied by the fuel hose assembly which may be connected to external jerry cans or drums.


  • Tents
  • Accommodation
  • Field hospitals
  • Military camps
  • Relief camps
  • Temporary buildings

Features and Benefits

  • Cabinet made of 0,9 mm galvanized, powder coated steel sheet
  • Top finish painting standard NATO green, RAL 6014
  • Circular openings (Ø225) for one supply and one return air hose
  • Operation with or without return air hoses fitted
  • Adjustable fresh air intake from 0 to 40% of the total air volume
  • Cold start at temperatures down to -40oC
  • All necessary safety devices built in for protection and complete shut down in case of malfunction
  • When storing or transporting the heater, the flue stack is fitted onto the unit
  • Fitted with handles so that it can be carried manually by two persons
  • Fuel supply from jerry can or oil drum, with a fuel supply lance for jerry can as standard
  • Connect to the mains power supply or a separate diesel generator through a 15 m power cable
  • Controlled by an optional remote thermostat which will be placed inside the tent
  • Possibility for optional operating the unit with a CO monitor
  • Allowing ventilation without heating
  • Built according to EN 13842 and CE-marked
  • ErP 2015 compliant
NATO Stock Number 4520-22-613-3506
Operating range -40-(+25oC)
Heat output 17,9 kW
Efficiency >85%
Air flow @ 150/0 Pa 750/1080 m3/h
Fresh air volume 0-300 m3/h
Fuel consumption, max. 1,7  l/h
Ampere consumption, max. 4,3 A
Power consumption, max. 1000 W
 Power supply 1×230/50 V/Hz
Air discharge temperature, max. 80°C
Flex duct connection 225 Ø mm
Noise level 60 dB(A)
Weight 93 kg
Thermostat Remote thermostat with cable 
CO monitor with cable 
Isoleret fleksible slange Ø225 Insulated, flexible air duct, Ø225×3000 mm with spigot
Opbevaringspose til fleksible slanger Storage bag for flexible duct Ø225 mm
Air distribution ducts, Ø225×6000 mm
  Fuel lance for jerrycan
  Fuel lance for oil drum