1 – assembly ventilation system (fan, plate grid);

2 – external plenum with overpressure damper;

3 – settling chamber (internal or external);

4 – electrical panel “Command and Control” consists of general disconnecting switch breaker, PLC PB13, maximum temperature thermostat.


The system is designed to be managed by its own PLC PB13 to manage the operation cycle and detect the possible causes of alarm conditioning system.

Adjusting the temperature “ON-OFF” or “proportional” (0-10V). By adopting the regulation “proportional”, they avoid thermal shock conditions when the outside temperature is very low.

This system can also be identified as an emergency system to cool the room as it is provided an electromechanical controller (thermostat) that allows to feed the fan in an independently and separately when the detected temperature exceeds the predetermined values and simultaneously indicates the condition of emergency operation.


Technical Features

  • 48Vdc or 230Vac fan power supply
  • Adjustment of the temperature “ON-OFF” or “proportional” (0-10V)
  • Very light weight
  • Easy installation
  • Easy access for service and maintenance
  • Low noise levels

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