Non-food retail

Control comfort and costs

Comfortable customers stay longer and shop more. We understand that creating a perfect climate and keeping your energy costs under control are essential to the success of your business. With the Daikin Cloud and intelligent controllers, you can easily monitor comfort and stay on top of energy consumption.

Food retail

Keep it fresh

Your food products are equally as important as your customers. Without one or the other, your business wouldn’t exist. Our energy efficient refrigeration solutions and precise climate control technologies are engineered to keep your food and customers equally comfortable.

A complete solution for climate control in your store

From energy efficient heating and cooling, to reliable refrigeration, we have climate solutions for your boutique, retail chain or grocery store. Learn more about the options available for your shop.

1. Entrance / doors

  • Minimise hot and cold air loss via the entrance with our Biddle Air Curtains and experience up to 72% in savings by connecting it to our heat pumps instead of electricity.

2. Ceiling

  • Enjoy fresh air with efficient ventilation systems that recover energy from the exhaust air.
  • The unique auto-cleaning cassette collects dust from the indoor heat exchanger to increase operational efficiency by up to 50% and significantly reduce your maintenance costs.

3. Shelves

  • Concealed ceiling units blend in seamlessly with your interior and free up wall space for shelves and displays.

4. Behind the counter

  • The Daikin Cloud Service allows you to manage multiple sites from any location.

5. Refrigerators

  • A reliable back-up system always keeps your freezers and refrigerators running, and your food fresh

6. Storage room where unit is installed

  • The unit’s small footprint makes the most of your space and ensures easy installation.
  • Save energy and benefit from reusable energy with our unique heat recovery technology.

7. Counter

  • User-friendly controls and smart programmes make climate control easy throughout your entire store.

Benefit from energy efficiency

Each Daikin solution is engineered with innovative energy saving technologies.

  • The unique auto-cleaning cassette increases operational efficiency by up to 50%
  • Use renewable energy with our unique heat recovery technology
  • Biddle Air Curtains minimise hot and cold air loss via the entrance and increase energy savings by up to 72% when compared to electric solutions
  • Our Daikin Cloud Service allows you to control and monitor your energy consumption from any location at any time

Control your energy costs

The Daikin Cloud Service allows you to control your multiple stores from any location at any time. Manage your energy costs and optimise your consumption with the easy-to-use programmes and reports.

User-friendly wired remote controller with premium design

  • Symbol driven interface with intuitive touch button control for shop staff
  • Sleek and elegant design


Reduce your total cost of ownership

Our heating and cooling solutions are designed to maximise your return on investment. With energy efficient technologies, you experience savings in the long run. By producing, installing and servicing your system, we are able to optimise and extend its lifetime.

From small clothing boutiques to large grocery stores

Whether your project is big or small, we have heating and cooling solutions to suit your shop. Find the right fit by selecting your retail size or need.

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Ventilation and Air Handling Units






Biddle Air Curtains





ACTION partners with Daikin for its store climate control and ventilation across Europe.


Coral betting office case

Discover how our auto-cleaning roundflow cassettes achieved 50% more energy savings for Coral betting offices.


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Learn how our water-cooled VRV system delivered energy-efficient air conditioning, hot water and ventilation for fashion retail store, C&A.


We are there for you

A well-maintained HVAC system adds value and continuity. Taking steps to prolong your installation’s working life ensures your sales are never at risk.


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