Measurement tools

Measurement tools

Trotec’s laser measuring devices produce error-free results in distance measurements and levelling tasks.

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<p class=»bodytext»>Digital distance meters are unbeatable in terms of precision and easy handling. Maximum measurement accuracy and the latest laser technology guarantee reliable measuring results when detecting lengths, heights, volumes and other measures. Cross line laser measuring devices ensure error-free levelling tasks. Using horizontal, vertical and – thanks to the tilt function – also diagonal laser lines, installation work can be completed precisely.</p>

<h3>Laser measurement tools are versatile in use</h3>
<p class=»bodytext»>The <a title=»MultiMeasure Basic distance meter BD21″ href=»»>distance measuring devices BD21</a> and <a title=»MultiMeasure Basic distance meter BD26″ href=»»>BD26</a> demonstrate their strengths during work at home – they are the digital substitutes for folding rules and spirit levels. The laser cross of the self-levelling line laser, which is projected in a perfectly straight way, simplifies the alignment of drilling points, attachments, pictures, furniture and other objects. Ready for use in a matter of seconds and easy to handle: this is what characterizes the measurement tools of the MultiMeasure Basic series. Do not make life unnecessarily difficult! Rely on Trotec’s laser distance meters and cross line laser for renovation work and craft activities.</p>

<h3>Trotec’s digital measurement tools save time and money</h3>
<p class=»bodytext»>The more complex the on-site measurement situation turns out to be, the higher is the risk of measurement errors. Such errors are not only annoying, but they can also get seriously expensive. Better rely on laser-based precision.</p>


<h2>Measurement tools</h2>