Evaporator, vaporizer or air washer? We will explain which humidifier is right for you and how you can create healthy room and breathing air with the right humidification performance

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A humidifier is a technical appliance with a clearly defined task: If required, it increases the humidity level in rooms filled with too dry room air. This improves the overall room climate. Some manufacturers therefore also refer to their devices as room humidifiers.

A distinction must be made between devices with an integrated water tank and models with a fixed, permanent connection to the existing water supply line. Room humidifiers with an integrated water tank offer the advantage that they are mobile and can be used anywhere, but they need to be refilled regularly. For private domestic usage chiefly compact humidifiers are applied. We offer various versions in different price ranges.

Ultrasonic humidifiers

B 1 E

B 2 E

B 3 E / B 4 E

B 5 E

B 6 E

B 7 E

Evaporation humidifiers of the B series

B 24 E

B 250

B 300

B 400

B 500 radio

Air washers

AW 10 S

AW 20 S