Garden pumps

Garden pumps

You want to economize on expensive tap water and instead supply your garden with the free clear water from a rain barrel, cistern or an adjacent stream? No problem! The powerful garden pumps from Trotec are ideally suited for this purpose.

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What is a garden pump?

Trotec’s high-performance garden pumps are excellent aids when it comes to the reliable irrigation of gardens, lawns, trees, flowers and greens spaces in general. Available rain- or service water can be made use of at no charge, which means you can save expensive tap water. That’s good news for your wallet and the environment!

Advantages of garden pumps

  • Simple and convenient draining of wells, rain barrels, cisterns or alternative water sources
  • Ecologically compatible irrigation using available water resources
  • Economical usage of service water – dispensing with expensive tap water
  • Quick and reliable aid when faced with the aftermath of a flood

Criteria for purchasing garden pumps

Pump capacity

Garden pumps such as the TGP 1000 E with 1,000 watts are perfect for the application in allotment gardens. One to three lawn sprinklers can easily be operated at the same time. The wattage is indicative of the water pressure for onward transfer. Generally, the pump capacity depends on the feed pressure and conveying distance.

Delivery head

The delivery head denotes the height difference between the water surface and the point of withdrawal (e.g. for a sprinkler system). Here is an example: If a pump sucks up water from a well with a depth of 10 metres and then transports it for another 10 metres to the point of withdrawal, the delivery head (or conveying distance) amounts to 20 metres.

Flow rate

A garden pump with a high motor power usually goes hand in hand with a great flow rate and can attain the specified delivery head quickly. The maximum flow rate increases along with the power. A pump with a flow rate of approx. 3,000–3,500 litres per hour is sufficient for watering your garden with water pumped out of rain barrels or smaller swimming pools. Hence, the perfect task for Trotec’s TGP 1000 E.

Thermal protection circuit

The standard equipment of Trotec garden pumps includes an overload protection. For, especially when combined with water, an electrical appliance without overload protection can represent a hazard. The thermal protection circuit prevents the motor from overheating: Should the device begin to overheat, which isn’t altogether unlikely during intensive use on particularly hot and sunny days, the pump will automatically switch off in order to cool down again.


Garden pumps made by Trotec may be robust, but they should generally not be subjected to heavy rain or snowfall unnecessarily. For this reason we recommend storing them covered up in a basement or shed during the winter. This prevents damage to the pump and extends its lifetime.


Garden pumps are operated electrically and can simply be connected to a customary socket (230 V / 50 Hz). All you need to do afterwards is connect a suction hose and fill the pump with water for initial use.

Garden pumps

TGP 1000 E

TGP 1000 ES

TGP 1005 E