The Dantherm DC Split Air Conditioner is a high-efficiency, purely DC-powered split air conditioner for Telecom networks. The solution eliminates the need for an inverter and has capabilities far beyond those of conventional comfort cooling systems.

Site uptime in weak power networks

The DC Split Air Conditioner is designed for energy-efficient cooling of Telecom sites dependent on running non-stop under any ambient conditions. The unit is built to run on battery backup and thus ensures site uptime, even during power outage and intermittent power.

Efficient cooling for hybrid sites

The unit runs purely on DC power and a low voltage disconnect feature prolongs battery life in case of low voltage from batteries. The Dantherm DC Split Air Conditioners are therefore highly suitable for sites with battery backup power and hybrid sites powered by renewable energy sources.

Energy-efficient DC cooling

Because the Dantherm DC Air Conditioners are capacity regulated, they only provide the exact amount of cooling needed. This means that they are much more efficient in use than traditional air conditioners, inverter-based DC air conditioners and even traditional DC air conditioners without inverters.

Download our DC 3500 DC Split Air Conditioner data sheet here


  • Radio base stations
  • Electronics enclosures
  • Hybrid Telecom Sites
  • DC Powered Sites
  • Battery Compartments
  • Power supply rooms
  • Network & computer rooms
  • Automation control cabinets
  • Drive stations

Features and Benefits

Dantherm DC Split Air Conditioner 3500

  • Clean internal environment: closed loop cooling
  • Low inrush current: true DC air conditioner
  • No power loss in conversion: no inverter
  • Minimum hot spots: high air flow ensures constant air recirculation
  • Steady performance: Compressor/fan RPM independent from supply voltage fluctuations
  • Energy-efficient: DC-supplied and capacity-controlled
  • Cooling On Demand: Maintains capacity-controlled room temperature when activated by master
  • Expected service life: 10 years
Supply Voltage Nominal 48 V DC 40-57
Capacity in kW at 35°C inside and 35°C ambient 3624
Capacity in kW at 35°C inside and 25°C ambient 3822
Max air flow m³/h, internal  860
Max air flow m³/h, external 1950
Net weight indoor/outdoor in kg. 24/41

Download DC Split Air Conditioner data sheets

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