Compressors and pneumatic tools

Compressors and pneumatic tools

Some tasks are best to be performed at high pressure after all

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A compressor practically belongs in the basic must-have tool kit to be found in any workshop or garage. After all, compressors are extremely versatile and available in many different versions. Some air compressors come in such a handy size, they could fit into a glove compartment, whereas others would take up the entire room in a car boot.

The device selection depends on the intended type of applications. On principle, we differentiate between three compressor categories:

  • First: large compressors that are low in maintenance and come with an integrated air chamber, they can be operated with both alternating or direct current. In addition to conventional inflation applications such compressors – provided they have an accordingly dimensioned air chamber – are also suitable for the connection of pneumatic tools used in a workshop.
  • Second: portable solutions with oil-free compressors for maintenance-free operation. With suction capacities of roughly 180 l/min and a typical operating pressure of about 8 bar these corded solutions are equally suitable for manifold inflation or blow-off cleaning operations, not just the operation of pneumatic tools.
  • Third: battery-powered compact devices. With a standard pressure output of 7 bar such mini compressors have not much reason to hide when compared to the portable devices above. Thanks to their cordless operation they can be used flexibly and independent of the location, also they are extremely space-saving when it comes storage. As a result of their lower suction capacity, however, they cannot be used to clean hollow spaces and PC enclosures or to blow off saw dust.

Our range of compressors

PCPS 10/11-16V

PCPS 11/12-20V

PCPS 10‑1100