The range of direct expansion close control with remote condenser and free cooling coil, ED.X F series, provided with a water-refrigerant interlaced row coil and allowing, besides direct expansion, the production of cool air by using external temperature (for example matching to a dry cooler), it is particularly suitable for use in data centres, technological rooms, in telecom centres and all areas where it is necessary to maintain constant hygrometric conditions all year long, as to guarantee correct functioning of installed equipments. Thanks to this technology, based on energy saving, it is possible to remarkably save on the operating costs, by sensibly reducing amortisation time of the plant. Depending on the cooling capacity, they are available with one or two cooling circuits. Thanks to their technologically advanced design, these close control units are able to control the ambient temperature with remarkably high precision and, when the humidity level is required, to adapt their cooling capacity to the room requirements, all automatically managed by the microprocessor on board. The high technology employed during their design together with the use of the best components available on the markets, make these units extremely reliable and therefore able to work for long periods, without a break. These units are particularly easy to install also in small spaces and easily accessible on the front side for ordinary and extraordinary service operations. They are completely assembled and tested in the factory and supplied under dry air pressure and with oil charge. For the remote condensers to be matched to these units, on request, it is possible to provide a voltage actuated pressure fan speed controller (option RG), installed inside the indoor unit, for condensing pressure control which
provides speed variation with a reduced full load current and allows the operation of the condenser down to -20°C. For lower temperatures down to -40°C, it is necessary to select option BW on remote condensers. The units are available in different configurations, related to the air return and discharge:
· U front air return, upflow air discharge;
· V bottom air return, upflow air discharge;
· B back air return, upflow air discharge;
· D top air return, downflow air discharge.
Operation limits: ambient temperature from 19 to 35°C