UV-A radiation

UV-A radiation

UV‑Torchlight 15F and UV-TrackMaster

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Universal tracer detectors for many fields of application

Compact long-wave UV lamps for the non-destructive tracer detection during material testing, leak detection or quality inspection and for safety applications.

Non-destructive material testing in the industry

In case of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, many plastic or ceramic materials, surface defects on components and machines can be detected quickly and without great effort using the fluorescence penetrant inspection (FPI).

Economic crack test method

After treatment with fluorescent marking agents, flaws such as cracks or pores, which are open to the surface, can be made visible even on not magnetisable materials using UV-A radiation. The magnetic field-independent UV-TrackMaster can also be used for magnetic particle testing with fluorescent testing agents. Compared to the penetrant testing, the location of faults using this procedure provides the advantage of the greatest possible insensitivity in terms of microstructure, surface geometry and roughness.

Leak detection on motors and aggregates

By adding a contrast medium (tracer), leaks in motor systems or cooling units can usually be detected as a luminous blotch of colour around the leaky spot in a matter of a few operating minutes, using the hand-held UV-A lamp. Whether for hydraulic system, refrigeration system, lubricant or fuel line – by use of multi-coloured tracers not only the point of leakage can be determined quickly and precisely, but also the cause for leaking.

Leak detection in buildings and supply networks

By using artificial marking agents (tracers) in complex, fluid-bearing lines, their two-dimensional tightness can be checked or leak-related liquid distributions and spills can be detected and analysed. The escaping of even the smallest traces of the marking agent at the floor, walls or ceiling becomes visible in the black light of the UV lamps. Due to the extremely high radiation intensity of the UV-TrackMaster, large-scale search areas can be checked with a single swing of the lamp even in the daylight. Typical fields of application are also tightness tests at water-bearing layers of flat roofs or the inspection of drains and downpipes.

Hand-held UV-A lamps

UV‑Torchlight 15F

UV‑Torchlight 5F