MultiMeasure Studio Professional

MultiMeasure Studio Professional

Perfect measurement data management for your practical requirements


Benefit from a unique software for the administration, analysis and report generation of your measuring projects across multiple devices.

Many measuring devices are supplied with a software nowadays. But what is almost always missing is a comprehensive and effective synchronization to your practical requirements. After all, the work is not finished after measuring and data reading – it only starts.

Therefore, MultiMeasure Studio Professional supports you perfectly during all work steps – because this software was optimally programmed to your processes and can be applied in combination with virtually all measuring devices used in daily practice.

With each edition of MultiMeasure Studio Professional, you have three specialists at your disposal:

A brilliant data analyst organises the read-out and graphic evaluation of the measured data of all compatible measuring devices.

A versatile project manager simultaneously ensures a flexible administration of your data regarding customers, measuring sites and invoice recipients with a variable assignment of the individual measuring and restoration projects.

And with the unique report generating function, you also have a gifted writer at your side who can produce professional measuring reports of outstanding quality almost independently thanks to a large number of predefined boilerplate texts and entire templates.

Why make things complicated when they can be easy?

Data read-out and graphic evaluation

Data read-out and graphic evaluation

MultiMeasure Studio Professional allows you to automatically read out the measurement data of all compatible devices and further enables manual data collection for measuring devices from third-party suppliers. All measured data can be displayed conclusively as a graphic representation with freely definable sections which can be taken over into a report immediately. Export to Excel is also available.

Project management

Project management for customer data and measuring operations

MultiMeasure Studio Professional offers you an option for central administration of all measuring sites and customer data with separate customer and invoice addresses. If required, measuring projects can be assigned to another customer by simple drag and drop, and they can also be exported and imported as a whole – very convenient for projects across multiple branches. And thanks to the integrated backup function, you are reliably protected against data loss.

Unique report generating function

Automated report generating function

MultiMeasure Studio Professional offers an automated function for report generation – an unprecedented feature in the construction sector! Writing brilliant reports has never been that easy: with just one click, you cannot only paste entire fields from your customer or measurement    data into the report, but also numerous entirely pre-formulated boilerplate texts for virtually every application.

Thanks to this “integrated reporting system”, in combination with the option of including your own company logo as well as individual headers and footers, you can generate impressively professional reports in next to no time, leaving a lasting, favourable impression on your customers!

MultiMeasure Studio Professional has a modular design, is easy to learn and available in two editions optimally tailored to the respective requirements:

The Pro Module 1 offers you all evaluation and report functions from building diagnostics to leak detection plus extra text blocks for documentation of mould damage. The perfect solution for architects and building experts.

The Pro Module 2 was specially tailored to the practical requirements of water damage restoration companies and the building trade and offers you the entire range of time-saving functions from damage and result assessment to MQDatamonitor synchronization, up to specific report text blocks for climate and moisture measurement, water damage restoration and construction drying.

Software MultiMeasure Studio Professional Module 1+2Software MultiMeasure Studio Professional Module 1+2