MultiMeasure Mobile

MultiMeasure Mobile

A smart app turning you mobile device into the control centre for a complete professional measuring system


MultiMeasure Mobile is the control centre of a professional measuring system comprising individual appSensors centrally controlled via app.

Trotec appSensors are compact precision measuring devices with high-quality sensors. Designed in a way to save space and energy, they have neither display unit nor evaluation electronics – the data analysis and operation are realized almost entirely by means of the app installed on the mobile terminal device.

MultiMeasure Mobile does not simply function as digital unit for the measured value indication of the appSensors connected via Bluetooth. Owing to the clever combination of appSensor and appertaining, free MultiMeasure Mobile app users can further benefit from numerous additional advantages in terms of flexibility, analysis functions, data control and documentation otherwise only featured by way more expensive measuring devices.

This way, other important physical climate parameters can be calculated, displayed and saved in addition to the data determined by the measuring device. Depending on the applied appSensor, the parameters can include the dew point temperature, the critical dew point, the absolute or specific humidity. Of course, the minimum, maximum and average values will be displayed along with the current measured value.

MultiMeasure Mobile for more options

MultiMeasure Mobile not only permanently records all the values measured by the connected appSensors which can then be optionally displayed either numerically or in form of a chart – by means of the logging function, the values can also be recorded as a measurement series.

In addition to typical professional analysis options and the smart measurement data linkage of the simultaneously connected appSensors the app MultiMeasure Mobile further offers a still greater number of innovative functions such as matrix measurements or linking measuring points to photos: Just take a photo, mark the position of the measuring point on it, carry out the measurement and then save it all. All measuring points and data remain linked to the photo for later analysis and can also be prepared as coloured matrix representation e.g. to indicate the distribution of moisture or heat.

From report generation to customer management – a complete measurement data management solution is already integrated

Using the integrated customer management function all of the measured data can be assigned to projects and clients via the app. The built-in report function further facilitates a quick on-site documentation.

Moreover, it is possible to share measurements and project data with colleagues in another subsidiary. If MultiMeasure Studio Professional is installed on a PC, you can even use report templates and ready-made text blocks for various fields of application to turn the data into professional reports.  With the combination of MultiMeasure Mobile app and appSensors you have all the measuring instruments possibly required for the application on a construction site or at the customer’s.


BP21WP pyrometer

BA16WP vane anemometer

BA30WP hot-wire anemometer

BF06WP luxmeter

Differential pressure measuring device BV15WP

BC21WP thermohygrometer

Thermometer BT22WP

BM22WP material moisture measuring device

BM31WP moisture indicator

BS30WP sound level measuring device

MultiMeasure Mobile app

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