Layer thickness

Layer thickness

The layer thickness measuring devices from Trotec provide deep and precise insights – and can be handled quickly and easily.

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Determine the thickness of varnishes, paints, plastic coatings and zinc coatings without damage.

Whether there is a damaged spot on a car that has been repaired can easily be found out by checking if the paint is evenly thick at all spots. If you find a spot where the paint layer is thicker or thinner, you can be sure that repair has been carried out there. For a non-destructive inspection of coatings such as varnishes, paints, plastics, enamellings and zinc coatings both on steel and iron or on non-ferrous metals, layer thickness measuring devices from Trotec are your first choice.

Apply, measure, read. That’s all. But not only for paint control measurements in the automobile sector do Trotec layer thickness measuring devices constitute precise and practical aids. With the handy and robust detectors you can check powder coatings, hand rail and ship’s paint and other protective coatings without difficulty.

Both the layer thickness measuring device BB20, allowing for measurements from 0 to 1,250 µm, and the BB30 (measuring range from 0 to 2,000 µm) can be used for a quick and non-destructive determination of the thickness of coatings, thanks to a sensitive dual sensor. The spring-loaded measuring heads are equipped with a V-groove.

This way, you can easily and precisely measure layers on round objects such as axles or hinges. Particularly convenient: The devices give a signal as soon as the defined layer thickness is exceeded or fallen below. The layer thickness measuring devices from Trotec are characterized by an easy handling, precise measuring results and additional functions including data storage and data exchange.