Intelligent Touch Manager

Intelligent Touch Manager

Efficiently control your entire building from one centralised interface with our Daikin Building Management System (BMS).

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Manage your entire building with one interface

Our intelligent Touch Manager consolidates all of your climate control units into one system. Control your heating, cooling, hot water, ventilation, purification, refrigeration and air curtains from the same interface. The flexible software allows for easy 3rd party integrations, meaning that you can also control your lights, alarms, sensors, elevators and more from the same system. With our web interface, you can control your building from any location via touchscreen, Intranet or Internet.

Smart energy management

Create plans for your energy spending and closely monitor your energy use. The intelligent Touch Manager alerts you of which areas or units use the most energy, so that you can take the necessary actions to reduce usage. Further manage your energy spending by activating our interlock feature, which turns off units when the windows are open.

Infografic Smart Energy Management

  1. Plot area
  2. Number of hours of rule deviation
  3. Number of days of rule deviation
  4. Room name
  5. Number of hours and days of rule deviation
  6. Extra energy consumption
  7. The more to the upper right a room is, the higher the extra energy consumption is.


Smart energy management

Create plans for your energy spending and closely monitor your energy use. The Daikin Cloud Service benchmarks your VRV consumption, compares multiple locations with one another and highlights which areas or units use the most energy. By being informed about your energy consumption, you can take the necessary actions to reduce your energy usage.


Price-competitive BMS

Most Building Management Systems (BMS) come at a high price. Our intelligent Touch Manager is a mini BMS made for medium to large commercial buildings such as hotels and offices. It provides you all of the benefits of a normal BMS, but at a much more affordable price.

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