Field hospital for COVID-19 patients with BV 77 heaters in the Pyrenees

Field hospital for COVID-19 patients with BV 77 heaters in the Pyrenees

Vielha, Val d’Aran, Spain: The local hospital in the Catalonian village of Vielha recently had the fire brigade install a complete field hospital in response to the current COVID-19 pandemic. This was done as a precautionary measure to ensure amble healthcare facilities for the handling of coronavirus in the mountainous region.

Directly attached to the local ‘Hospital de la Val d’Aran de Vielha’, the aim with the field hospital is to make sure there is enough free and safe space to allow for treatment of corona patients as well as the ordinary day-to-day activities within the hospital.

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Creating a comfortable indoor climate

Temporary tent field hospitals like this one require the installation of professional air handling solutions in order to create a healthy and comfortable environment for both patients and health staff. Depending on location, weather conditions and application purpose, these can be required to deliver varying degrees of heating, cooling or dehumidification to the interior.

In this specific case, the field hospital has been fitted with BV 77 indirect heaters. Indirect oil heaters are very popular for heating military and emergency camps due to their ability to instantly deliver 100% clean, dry and fume-free warm air. Placed outside, they will deliver heating through flexible ducts. For protection, they’re often fitted with protective rain covers. Our range of units will fit any tent size, and they can be equipped with up to two-way outlets for heating two tents with just one unit. Installation can be done quickly and easily without the assistance of specialised installers.