Electric planers

Electric planers

Get in the ‘groove’: With Trotec’s electric planers everything runs smoothly

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Electric planers – which factors really matter

It is no coincidence that the planer is among the oldest tools and, up to the present day, is still used for wood processing by carpenters and joiners – and, of course, by DIY enthusiasts who appreciate the unbeatable benefits of a planing machine, for instance in rendering surfaces smooth and even, chamfering or rebating. Luckily, unlike previous generations, craftsmen can nowadays opt for the clearly superior electrical version. Being the contemporary evolution of the conventional planer, the electric planer helps you to accomplish tasks faster and more easily. Wood and planer – that simply belongs together. Just like power tools and Trotec.

Processing wood opens up countless opportunities to realize your creative potential and what is needed to attain perfect results is a powerfu Save l electric planer. You can use a high-quality planer to smoothen wood or to trim a workpiece and so add the finishing touches. In our how-to guide we present the different models, point out appropriate application purposes as well as useful tips for the safe and proper handling of an electric planer.

What is an electric planer for?

This tool is used for processing wood – but what exactly can you do with it? A planer is surprisingly versatile and deployed in numerous areas of wood working. Be it for chamfering edges, machining wooden surfaces flat or simply to reduce the material thickness. Thanks to the electric motor, very little physical strength is required to work with an electrical planer since most models are fitted with automatic contact pressure. Therefore, you just have to make sure that you position the device evenly on the wooden surface and then guide it gently. You can leave the rest to the device.

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