Dust control door DCD-3.0

Dust control door DCD-3.0

  • Dust control door consisting of: basic door element (for door widths of 680 – 830 mm), PVC film with Velcro tape (2 x 68 cm) and transport bag.
  • Quick and easy assembly thanks to the quick release.
  • Two integrated dust extraction openings.
  • Easy to transport with a carrying bag.
  • High air throughput possible.
  • Easy cleaning.
  • An air cleaner or ventilator can be connected using air hoses.
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With its simple design, the HL 800 designer air cleaner fits perfectly into any room. The reliable air cleaner constantly measures how much dirt and pollutants there are in the air and regulates itself. During the day it starts automatically, at night it switches to idle. It filters bacteria, viruses, pollen, dust and odors and ensures clean and healthy indoor air.

Suitable for room sizes of 66 m² with 5 air changes and 111 m² with 3 air changes with E11 filter.

4-stage air cleaning: pre-filter against coarse particles and house dust, EPA E11 combination filter with activated carbon, ionization function.

Optionally available with EPA E11 filter or HEPA H 14 virus filter according to EN 1822.

In all areas where people are, air purifiers can significantly improve the air quality. The Heylo air cleaner HL 800 is for use in apartments, offices, conference and training rooms, schools and authorities, practices and fitness centers.