Comfort ventilation for hotels and office buildings.


The modular, high-end DanX air handling units are designed to regulate and control temperatures, humidity and air quality in hotels and office buildings or anywhere else where a pleasant indoor climate is a priority.

Based on Dantherm’s “all-in-one-box” concept, DanX ensures you a highly reliable and easily operated solution and offers significant heat recovery and high-quality climate management.

Based on modularity and a flexible approach, the DanX air handling unit allows you to choose the exact functionality required for a specific project. The modules are joined by a rail system and with all functionalities contained in just one unit, installation and maintenance have never been easier.DanX Comfort

A built-in reversible heat pump allows for cooling in the summer and heating in the winter, making outside cooling installations redundant. As the heat pump can easily be re-directed, de-icing of the coils is carried out at once within the heat pump circuit. The heat pump consists of a high performance compressor and can be extended with a frequency controller that makes possible exact regulation of the thermal indoor climate.

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ApplicationsFeatures and Advantages

  • User friendly control system for high-quality demand management. With automatic monitoring and control of temperature, humidity and energy consumption.
  • Strong cabinet of hot dip galvanized closed framework fixed with aluminium corners and internally insulated with mineral wool.
  • Hot dip galvanized sandwich panels with 50 mm insulation. (Thermal transmission T3 / Thermal bridgign TB3 / Air leakage L3 according to EN 1886)
  • Internal partition panels are 30 mm thick and built from hot dip galvanized 1,25 mm sheet metal material insulated with mineral wool.
  • Inspection doors with strong hinges and tongue locks with handles or square keys.
  • Heat pump with high COP. Optionally with frequency controlled compressor, designed for accurate temperature control and VAV systems. Lower energy consumption and longer life time.
  • Highly efficient heat exchangers
  • Optionally, all internal steel components including fans and panels are powder painted before assembly (Corrosion class C4)
  • A 70 μm powder paint finish on the outside panels is available for units to be installed outdoor in aggressive environments.
  • All fasteners, bolts and nuts are stainless steel or special protected.
  • All coils with aluminium frame, pre-painted and epoxy painted
  • Replaceable drop eliminator plates for air speeds up to 4 m/s
  • “All-in-one-box” solution
  • Very high heat recovery
  • “Plug-and-play” concept
  • Demand and energy optimized control
  • 30 years of experience