Combined system – Air introduction

Combined system – Air introduction

The air conditioning system, called “ONE CDZ_IM”, consists of an high energy efficiency air conditioner and an air introduction system (free-cooler) with the aim to transfer the heat generated by the equipment towards the external environment.


The entire system ensures the control of the internal temperature inside the shelter/room, ensuring maximum energy savings considering the most advanced construction techniques.

The free-cooler system dissipates the heat with very low energy absorption (high efficiency).

The air conditioner ensures that the internal temperature does not exceed the predetermined values, when the environmental conditions are not favorable. The types are of the packaged (indoor or outdoor) or split type.


The systems consists of:

  • n.1 External settling chamber with motor-fan
  • n.1 interface box, with thermostat for the start of the 48Vdc fan for emergency (if requested)
  • n.2 overpressure damper
  • n.1 air conditioner (Indoor / Outdoor / Split )

The unit is controlled by the PLC of the air conditioner that has the task of managing the cycle of operation and of detecting any alarm conditions.

The free-cooler system is also used as an emergency system to cool the shelter/room since it is provided with an electromechanical controller (Thermostat) that allows to feed the fan independently and separated when the detected temperature exceeds predetermined values and simultaneously it advises the operating condition in emergency.


Settling Room (intake external air)

Made with aluminum structure and panels (high lightness),it has the aim to contain a mechanical filter against the dust with a large surfaces to ensure large air inflows in low speed and small load losses; the low speed in input avoids the “vacuum” effect maintaining the efficiency for long periods, reducing the cleaning maintenance activities.

Moreover the Settling Room is provided with:

– Large-area corrugated filter: The filter is of the corrugated type to increase the surface air passage, it is FG3 class filtering and it is washable and easy to remove.

– Rain with gravity damper closure and grid against the insects: the damper with insect mesh is made with fixed inclination fins with a small mesh network suitable to block the entrance of big mechanical parts (leaves, insects, etc.), the damper and the mesh compose the front panel of the settling chamber; to facilitate access for maintenance the panel rotates on its own hinges.

– Motor fan air extractor

Motor radial fan characterized by high flow rates and low noise, the ASC electronic allows the use of fans powered by 48Vdc or 230Vac with ON / OFF control or proportional, with variation of the number of revolutions.


Overpressure dumper

Damper with suspended fins that allow the air passage if the air extractor fan motor begins to operate, it opens for effect of the static pressure generated by the outgoing air, is it closes by gravity.

Mod. AE80IR1DP air conditioner

8,1 kW INDOOR displacement packaged air conditioner, provided with PLC.

Mod. AE80ER1DP air conditioner

8,1 kW OUTDOOR displacement packaged air conditioner, provided with PLC.

Mod. AE80SR1DP air conditioner

8,1 kW SPLIT displacement packaged air conditioner, provided with PLC