ASE 400 Adsorption dehumidifiers

ASE 400 Adsorption dehumidifiers

Ideally suited for dehumidification of large spaces with low temperatures, the portable ASE dehumidifiers are extremely compact, sturdy and light-weight adsorption dryers. Due to its high-performance at low temperatures, the easily installed ASE will deliver fast results in drying out all kinds of construction and emergency situations, thereby minimising the risk of long-term damage caused by for instance flooding. Application examples include cellars, garages, warehouses, storage rooms, archives, production facilities, waterworks and more.

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Accessories and consumables

Thermaflex hose – 80mm

Product code: 6000-0004

Accessory for ASE 200, ASE 300, ASE 400

Thermaflex hose – 100mm

Product code: 6000-0000

Accessory for ASE 300

Thermaflex hose – 125mm

Product code: 6000-0012

Accessory for ASE 400

Spare filter

Product code: 5107-0073

Accessory for ASE 400

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