Air cleaners

Air cleaners

A healthy indoor climate protects against illness and increases well-being

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Inhale unpolluted air with every breath and recharge your batteries

Trotec’s air cleaners utilize the latest filter technologies and improve the room air with their high-quality HEPA filter technology. At the workplace and at home the air cleaners minimize the air pollution in form of house dust and fine particulates, bacteria and airborne viruses. The exposure to pollutants, allergens and pollen is reduced and unpleasant odours are eliminated.

At the workplace and at home: Fresh, pure air is important for our health and wellbeing. Particles suspended in the room air such as fine dusts, allergens, pollen, mould spores as well as bacteria and viruses impair health and cause illnesses or complaints that can be avoided or alleviated with an efficient room air cleaner. Cigarette smoke and other smells also have a disturbing effect on our well-being. Air cleaners filter the room air not only in spring, when an increased amount of pollen enters indoor rooms, but all year round, thus creating a healthy indoor climate where we can breathe freely.

Our guidebook below provides information on the different application options for modern, efficient air cleaners of the AirgoClean® series. You will learn of the operating principle of these devices and find out which air cleaner best suits your requirements.

Air purification

AirgoClean® 10 E

AirgoClean® 11 E

AirgoClean® 15 E

AirgoClean® 100 E

AirgoClean® 110 E

AirgoClean® 140 E / 145 E

AirgoClean® 150 E

AirgoClean® 170 E / 171 E

AirgoClean® 200 E

AirgoClean® 250 E

AirgoClean® 350 E