Energy-efficient residential ventilation for loft mounting

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A good indoor climate determines the health and well-being of the entire family and protects buildings and interior from moisture damage.

The HCH range of residential ventilation units has built-in RH sensors automatically adjusting air volumes in relation to the relative humidity in the home. This means that there is no need to wire the unit up to external sensors.

The HCH units are constructed with a new, light-weight aluminium counter flow heat exchanger developed and manufactured by Dantherm, which has an efficiency level of up to 95%.

The integrated control panel allows the user to adjust individual default settings such as manual or automatic control of ventilation speed. With an optional wireless remote control the user gets access to further control options such as away and night operation.

Energy efficiency class A or A+
The standard versions of HCV/HCH are rated as energy efficiency class A. By connecting an optional CO2 sensor in the kitchen-dining room or the bedroom, the HCV/HCH units will obtain energy efficiency class A+. The CO2 sensor is connected to the MVHR unit by means of the accessory control (HAC 1).


  • Private houses
  • Villas
  • Flats

Features and Advantages

  • The unit is built into a cabinet of 0,8 mm aluzink panels
  • Demand-controlled ventilation with integrated humidity sensor
  • High heat recovery – up to 95%
  • PHI, DIBt and SAP Appendix Q approved
  • Packaged ventilation unit complete with built-in demand-control and a control panel
  • HCH 5 and HCH 8 units are suitable for installation on uninsulated attics
  • The latest EC fan motor technology with extremely low energy consumption (SFP as low as 0,26 Wh/m3) is used
  • Energy efficiency class A or A+. With an optional CO2 Sensor and HAC 1 Accessory Control the energy efficiency class A+ will be obtained. Please refer to the tab “Accessories”.
  • 10 years lifetime for fans
  • 50 mm G4 compact filters are used on both supply and extracted air
  • F7 pollen filters are available as accessory
  • Installer and user-friendly solution with adjustments of air volumes directly on the unit
  • Remote control as extra accessory
  • Highly-efficient light-weight Dantherm alu counterflow heat exchanger
  • Perfect match of high heat recovery ratio and low power consumption
  • Comply with EU legislations and are PHI, DiBt, SAP Appendix Q and  EN 308 certified
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Condensation drain
  • The HCH models are made with 40 mm thick extruded polystyrene (EPS) walls and 0,8 mm Aluzink panels. They can be located in rooms with temperatures as low as -20oC
  • Complies with European fire safety requirements as specified in EN 13501 class E
  • Leakage rate (internal and external) <3% as specified in EN308

Accessory control for energy class A+ Accessory control HAC 1:

Accessory control with connection of heating coils, cooling coils, geothermal collector, duct damper, stop function, fire thermostat, CO2 sensor, hygrostat and alarms, incl. 5 m cable.

The HAC accessory control covers most requirements if the ventilation unit is to be connected to a Building Management System.

Read here for a more detailed description of connection to a building management system

Included in the Energy Efficiency Class A+ kit.

Wireless remote control, HRC 2:

The remote control gives access to:

Manual operation
Demand-controlled operation
Choice between 12 different week programs
Away operation when you are absent for a longer period
Night operation
Reading of outdoor temperature, supply and extract temperature, room temperature, relative humidity and CO2 level
Installer menu for adjustment and fault-finding

Waterkit Siphon trap kit:

Siphon trap kit including 2 m 3/4″ armed hose and glands.

Varmekabel Heat cable:

Heat cable, 230 V, 10W/m, incl. 5oC thermostat for frost protection of drain. Length 3 m.

Kommunikationskabel Communication cable:

Communication cable with plug for connection of HCP 4 control panel to the HCV/HCH ventilation unit. Length 30 m.

 Ophængningsskinne Wall mounting rail:

Mounting rail for plan installation of HCV behind the door in a cupboard. With this rail the installation depth will be reduced. Insulation tape (50×3 mm), vibration damper and U-profile (19×5 mm) are included.

Dimensions 526 x 30 mm.

Strømforsyning Power supply:

Power supply 230 V AC – 24 V DC for duct control. The power supply is to be mounted in the HAC 1 accessory control if the ventilation unit is controlling the duct damper.

Hygrostat Hygrostat:

Sauter 120 R001 hygrostat measures the humidity in wet rooms. The hygrostat is connected to the HAC 1 accessory control. The ventilation unit is controlled in accordance with measured humidity.

CO2 sensor for energy class A+ CO2 sensor:

The CO2 sensor is connected to the HAC 1 accessory control, if the air change in a given room has to be controlled in accordance with the CO2 level.

Included in the Energy Efficiency Class A+ kit.

Elektrisk for og eftervarmeflade Electric pre- and after-heating coils:

Electric pre- and after-heating coil, 0-10 V controlled by the HAC 1 accessory control. The heating coil is controlled by a stepless regulation. The electric heating coils are designed for installation in the supply and outdoor air ducts. The heating coil is provided with duct connections with nipples and rubber sealing gasket.

The heating coil is not suitable for outdoor installation.

The control current is connected to the accessory control HAC 1. Connection to supply voltage (230 V) is made separately.

Heating coils are supplied with duct sensors.

 Elektrisk for og eftervarmeflade direkte styret Electric pre-/after-heating coils, direct control:

This electric pre-/after-heating coil is controlled directly by the built-in thermostat.

Heating coils are supplied with duct sensors.

 Water heating coil

Servomotor 2way water valve  VAC trafo

After-heating coils for water:

The water heating coil includes 2RR heating coil, 2-way water valve, 0-10V servo motor, 230/24 V AC trafo, duct sensor and tube sensor for frost protection.

The after-heating coil is controlled by the accessory control HAC 1.

 Filtre Filters:

Two filter sets are available:

G4 filter set with two G4 standard filters.

F7 pollen filter set with one G4 standard filter and one F7 extra-fine filter for filtration of smaller particles, such as pollen.

PHI certificats

ErP documentation Energy Class A

ErP documentation Energy Class A+