Leak detection in compressed air systems via ultrasound: With the ultrasonic measuring devices from Trotec

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Using ultrasound to find compressed air leaks and detect signs of wear at an early stage

In case of leaking gas even a tiny point of leakage in the compressed air line is sufficient and leads to increased friction, generating a sound inaudible for humans in the ultrasonic frequency range. Wear abrasion at movable machine parts becomes noticeable in the same way.

Tightness tests with ultrasonic transmitters

Compressed air is one of the most expensive types of energy. However, 30 to 40 % of the consumption is often lost to leaks. Using the SL3000 you can detect such leaks in an extremely easy way, and thus immediately save energy with every leak that has been eliminated. Even pressurized gas lines can be quickly examined for leaks using ultrasound. Moreover, the SL3000 effectively solves numerous tasks related to preventive maintenance. Without having to interrupt the ongoing operation, you can regularly test system parts and rotating machines for signs of wear using ultrasound, which allows you to detect potential damage at an early stage.

Using the ultrasound measuring instrument SL3000, you can also check windows, doors and other parts of a building for tightness in a quick and easy way. An ultrasonic transmitter is positioned inside the closed room. Then, the outdoor area is inspected using an airborne sound probe. The ultrasound generated by the transmitter escapes at leaky spots and can be detected by the SL3000. This method can also be used for inexpensive tightness testing in other pressureless systems such as cabins, heating cabinets, air conditioning units or tanks. Apart from the ultrasound measuring instrument SL3000, all you need is an additional ultrasonic transmitter such as Trotec’s SL800T.

Ultrasound measuring instruments

Ultrasound measuring instrument SL800

Ultrasound measuring instrument SL3000